Different hiring models to check when you hire mobile app developers

Different hiring models to check when you hire mobile app developers

Mobile apps are an inevitable part of a modern-day lifestyle, whether we like it or not.

Having a mobile app has become more of a necessity than a luxury for modern-day businesses. Thus, it becomes even more critical to hire best mobile app developers to provide the best possible services to the targeted audience in the long run.

More so, as businesses are getting back into a post-covid world, having useful mobile apps is paramount. It has become the lifeline of the company in a ‘socially distanced world. Businesses need to understand that the more thought process and research they put up in hiring a top mobile application developer, the more precise and astute mobile app they would get at the end of the development process.

Average Monthly Hours Spent in Mobile Apps WorldWide
The world has seen a meteoric rise in mobile apps’ usage since the Coronavirus pandemic. Businesses could effectively tap the rising demand for mobile apps by hiring leading mobile app developers.

This article will discuss different hiring models that will help budding entrepreneurs and established business firms looking to find their place in the digital space.

List of the prominent hiring models for App developers

The hourly rate hiring model

The mantra behind the hourly rate pricing model is pretty simple and straightforward. The hiring app developers’ rate is based on an hourly basis and can vary from region to region or according to the mobile app’s requirement.

The total cost of hiring a skilled mobile app development team would depend on the number of hours the team has put in developing your mobile app. For example, if the mobile app development company charges $15 per hour, and the app developers take 500 hours to complete the project, the total cost of app development would be $7500.

If you are an entrepreneur who is aware of the tech world’s basic knity-gritty and the nuances of the digital realm, you should opt for the hourly rate pricing model. In this model, you will also get a clear insight into the ‘behind the scene’ work during the app development process.

The hourly price rate model is the most flexible pricing model for hiring a mobile app development agency. During the mobile app development process, the client can give his/her valuable inputs to improve the mobile app project’s quality.

The clients’ inputs can also guide the app developers to make the necessary changes in the app that they feel would serve the targeted customers better. Thus, the end-user would get full value for their money when they use the mobile app.


  • The hourly rate model will fit you the best if you don’t have a clear-cut idea about the mobile app’s requirements.
  • The hourly rate model also allows the business organization to be directly involved in the app development process and be fully aware of developments.
  • This model also allows you to use the resources wisely and as needed. You are billed hourly and, therefore, it could be the best way to utilize the resources without spending unnecessarily.

The fixed price hiring model

The hiring model is applicable when the client and the mobile app development service provider agree on a particular sum of money to provide the app development services. Until something huge comes up during the app development process, the pricing will remain constant.

The client in this model would have to state his/her requirements with the app development company upfront so that the final result would be appropriate according to the initial thought.

If you are an entrepreneur who has a limited budget, you should opt for the fixed-rate hiring model. Moreover, if the app development project’s scope is small and narrow, a fixed-price hiring model would be the best option for your business.

In this mode, the mobile app developers would state an exact deadline for completing the project and provide a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to their client. The MVP is essential as it would play a vital role in gauging the targeted audience’s reactions. Thus the app developers can make necessary changes when the mobile app’s final version comes out in the market.


  • Fixed-priced models provide predictability to the app development process as the project requirements are set right at the beginning.
  • The business organization can handle money matters with ease in the fixed price model. The requirements are transparent as the payments are based on the percentage of work performed.
  • The business organization doesn’t have sleepless nights over delivering the product as each and everything is pre-decided with a dedicated deadline.

The dedicated team hiring model

In the dedicated team hiring model, a business organization gets an outsourced team of dedicated app developers and designers for their mobile app development process. The benefit of having a dedicated app development team is that the product updates can be delivered regularly compared to other models. According to the mobile app’s requirement, the mobile app developers’ and designers’ group is formed keeping in mind their skill and experience. In addition to this, proactiveness and the willingness to communicate with the client consistently would be a very welcome skill.

The dedicated team pricing model allows the business organization to hire a dream team of mobile app developers and designers. If your app development project requires high-level project development skills, you must go for this model. Like the hourly rate hiring model, the client can intervene to know the app development process’s progress and give his/her insights to make it better.

In this model, the distribution of responsibilities is well-documented and done beforehand so the dedicated app developers would have a clear road map at the beginning itself. The app development process’s cost can be done either weekly or monthly, depending on the client’s prerequisites.


  • With a dedicated team, you get the best people in the business for app development.
  • The client here doesn’t need to worry about human resource-related issues. That will be taken care of by the vendor organization.
  • The client has full control over the management of the hired app developers’ team, and the app development team remains stable throughout the completion of the project.

Wrapping up

Mobile app development outsourcing has seen a steep rise in recent times. Thus, it is vital for business organizations (new or old) to understand the app development pricing models’ nuances before hiring mobile application developers. Moreover, it should be kept in mind that a particular pricing model that worked for developing a specific mobile app might not work for you. Thus, the entrepreneurs and the established organizations should understand their requirements and then hire their ‘dream team’.

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