Flutter – A Boon to Mobile App Developers

Flutter – A Boon to Mobile App Developers

An App developer in the modern age business world needs to make an application that runs exceedingly well on both iOS and Android platforms. Mobile apps, irrespective of their genre, are bound to get more popular with each passing day, as more and more customers are opting for the digital platform. Thus, it becomes essential for mobile app developers to build a mobile app that works consistently on both the leading mobile OS platforms i.e., Android and iOS.

Cross platforms apps have become the talk of the town in the business realm due to their multi-utility function. Flutter app development, despite being new, it is quickly becoming the first choice an efficient app development platform for mobile app developers.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source software development kit that was first released in the year 2017 by Google. Flutter can be used for developing applications for the web, iOS, Android, Windows, and many other platforms. Flutter uses a single codebase architecture for desktop, mobile as well as website development. Flutter coming from Google’s camp was built keeping an eye on the future and uses Dart – the state of art futuristic programming language, to build efficient applications.

After getting a gist of Flutter and its utility for cross-platform app developers, let us know more about the advantages that Flutter provides to the mobile app development process.

Advantages of opting Flutter for Application Development

Flutter App Development is essential for the Developers

For Android app developers and iOS app developers, the process of mobile app development gets a new dimension with Flutter. The top Flutter app development companies know the importance of user experience for customer retention and hence they use flutter for app development to provide an exhilarating customer experience.

Customized app development becomes very easy with Flutter as the developers can use ‘write once run anywhere’ feature to its optimal use and build a state of the art mobile and web apps using Flutter.

No More going Back and Forth

Flutter app development acts as a boon for Android and iOS app developers as it liberates them from the tedious task of juggling between the front-end and back-end. Flutter is a reactive app and web development framework and provides a single language that is used to design the app’s backend as well as frontend. It not only saves time for the Android app developers and the iOS app developers, but it also makes the app development process simplified. Thus, all the app development service providers opt for Flutter app development as it guarantees a sustainable future.

Increases the Productivity

In the mobile app development process, there many processes that are needed to be followed to ensure that the app is ready for launch. These processes include both UI/UX changes as well as other bug fixes.

For App Developers, it is difficult to put the annoying wait time at bay. The wait times become a hindrance as the developers would find it challenging to keep a check on the progress of the app development process and make the changes as and when required. Flutter app development comes to the rescue with features such as ‘Hot Restart,’ and ‘Stateful Hot Reload.’ By using these features, can check the changes required in the app without waiting for a long time.

With a reduced wait time, productivity will get a significant boost. Moreover, the time taken for the mobile app development process to complete is reduced by 30%. Therefore with Flutter, the app developers can release their mobile app in less time, keeping them ahead of their competitors.

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High Performance and Speed

To attract and engage users to their app, modern-day apps have to use animation.

Flutter app developers use tools like 2-Dimension Flare to handle the creation and optimization of animation easily. Before Flutter, it was difficult for the cross-platform app developers to think of animations that load at the Speed of 60 FPS. Thus, competent Flutter app developers can add many layers to mobile apps, which will help make the app trustworthy and market leader.

Top Flutter app developers will provide all the necessary ingredients that are needed to develop a high performing app. With Flutter, your app will not have any lag in a frame rate and thus provide a wholesome customer experience to the user. Therefore despite developing a cross-platform app, the cross-platform app developers cater to a perfectly Native app experience to the user and increase the chances of positive word of mouth publicity about your product.

App Development with Flutter – A Revolutionary decision for the Future

Why should every Android App Development Company use Flutter App Development?

The top android app developers use Flutter as it comes with a reduced Gradle Build Time. The leading Flutter app developers can reduce the Gradle Build Time significantly apart from eradicating the hiccups faced during the time of mobile app development. The android app developers and designers will have the liberty to use all their creativity and make the process of Android app development to a whole new level with Flutter. It also becomes a significantly time-saving event, thus helps in reducing the time taken in the development cycle.

Why should every iOS App Development Company use Flutter App Development?

iOS app developers were not much fond of cross-platform app development before the advent of Flutter. It was hard for them to create a stunning and polish iOS native app with a cross-platform. But since Flutter, customized app development has become easier for the iOS platform as everything is available under one umbrella for the app developers.

Flutter app development eradicates the dependency management program in Native iOS development and increases the productivity of the developers. The leading iOS app developers work with better SDK, and it has native dependency tools named ‘Pub.’ Flutter also has an inbuilt dependency handling system, which proves handy in dealing with a difficult situation during the time of mobile app development.

A peek into the Future

Since the inception of Flutter app development in 2017, Google has been working very seriously on the platform to make it more competitive for better app development. Still, in its infant years, Flutter has made giant strides in the technology arena, and in the future, we are going to see a huge number of the leading app development companies opting for Flutter as their app development framework. The industry veterans also believe that Flutter app development has some serious potential of challenging the existing hybrid app development SDKs, therefore people choose it aggressively for Cross-Platform App Development.

The Final Code

Cross-platform app development is the need of the hour today, as companies these days want to expand their presence amongst a large portion of the audience. Top Flutter app developers will provide consistent app experience to the users and thus increase customer retention for the company. Since Flutter works on a single codebase, both the Android app developers and the iOS app developers will find it relatively easy to understand and create great mobile and web apps.

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