Which Kind of Apps Are Most Suitable for React Native?

Which Kind of Apps Are Most Suitable for React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework for building cross-platform apps. The framework is built to design native apps for Android and iOS platforms. React Native is created on a JavaScript library called React, offered by Facebook, which brought more command to native mobile app development. Facebook’s React Native innovation revolutionized the mobile app development industry.

React Native platform, ever since its creation, has greatly linked to the mobile app development industry’s demands. As Android and iOS dominate the apps market, creating an app separately for both platforms is time-consuming and an expensive decision, React Native made it easier for companies. Using one code-base to develop both iOS and Android apps is like a dream come true for mobile app developers.

In the developers’ community it is believed that React Native is a vital tool for mobile app development service providers that are looking to offer enhanced user experience and strengthen their client relationships.

Big brands that have made React Native a part of their identity are Uber, Airbnb, Bloomberg, and Tesla. Cross-platform app development is already among one of the most trending aspects that have appealed the developers as well as the businesses worldwide. It is beneficial in this era of mobile app development, as the user interface across different platforms has become similar.

Types of Apps Suited for React Native App Development

Let’s see which categories of apps are most suitable for React Native:

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Proof of Concept (POC) Apps

Minimum Viable Product and Proof of Concept are Prototyping Tools. You can easily test your concept using these tools to understand how the app will turn out. React Native is an efficient app development platform to test out apps on different platforms and understand the app’s functionality and user experience.

Airbnb implemented this for their app. The company’s website was fully developed on the React platform. The company started its app from the MVP mode while maintaining and further developing the app. The company continued to gather the data they needed for a complete product and the needs of its customers.

Similarly, Bloomberg also moved its app to React Native. The company had to spend continuous hours and a large amount of money for maintaining and updating the separate iOS and Android apps before. After thorough testing of the React Native prototype, they adopted the real-time app up-gradation for cross-platform.

Quick App Solutions for Short-Term Use

At times, there is a need for a quick app solution, but only for a short time period. There is no need for maintenance or updates as they are only built for a particular purpose. This is a great use of React Native development. A good example of this is the app, created by Ken Wheeler that won the Reactive 2015 conference app contest.

This is helpful because you do not need to create apps for Android and iOS separately. App Developers can easily use this cross-platform tool to run the app on both the platforms with one code and save a lot of time. The apps can, later on, be enhanced, extended or even discarded once their purpose is served. Moreover, they can be used as a base or prototype for another app.

Apps Related to Lifestyle

Vogue, the famous fashion and lifestyle magazines has launched its app Vogueworld. Selecting native development to offer video streaming, adding favorites to checklists, get notifications and alerts about news and stories, and sharing content is overwhelming without cause. Vogue’s developers made an excellent decision when they resorted to React Native for developing their app. The solution is efficient and offers better reach over both the platforms through one code-base.

Apps that have Synchronized UI

Apps that have a simplified UI are easy to build with React Native. As it is a cross-platform app development tool. The developers can easily change a line in code, let us say to change the background or button color, and see the changes across both platforms at once. This saves a lot of time for the app developers, as they do not have to change the elements in separate coding bases, which is time-consuming.

Apps Created for Events and Conferences

People are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, due to all the climate changes and global warming. Printing of tickets, maps, conference booklets, agendas, and other paper marked items result in excessive use of paper that would result in harming the ecosystem. To become more socially responsible, corporate organizations, and event management companies are resorting to creating apps for event bookings and company catalogues.

A mobile app for corporate events is most convenient to accrue lineups, meetings, schedules, timetables, conversations, and other corporate engagements. It makes the app flexible for updates in the course of events. Push notifications can be used to inform the users about any change, new updates or news without delay. The efficient React Native App development Companies will provide the perfect cost-effective solution for such event apps.

Standard E-Commerce Apps

When it comes to well-built apps, React Native is a great option. In terms of e-commerce, performance can be improved with lazy-loaded lists. The SectionList and FlatList are two components, offered by React Native that manages the performance efficiently.

React Native offers boundless flexibility to its users and provides excellent features, which are required for creating an e-commerce app. The e-Commerce Developers save a lot of effort, money, and time when they opt for React Native app development to develop e-commerce apps.

Wrap Up

React Native has a lot of benefits organizations need to take into account that it is still new technology. The mobile app development tool is widely making its mark in the app development industry and attracting App developers to work on it more, in comparison with native mobile app development. There’s a chance that React Native can be the next big development technology, but it’s too early to say anything. Except for diving headfirst into React Native development, it is advised to go to mobile app development agencies.

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