How Online Reputation Management Companies can Help Enterprises?

How Online Reputation Management Companies can Help Enterprises?

Gone are the days when people relied on advertisements in TVs, Newspapers, and Radio to ascertain the credibility of any brand. Most of the urban population looks for options that are good on their pockets and favor those that have been given positive reviews. However, earlier, only tech-savvy and big enterprises were the key players. But, Smart-phones have changed the behavioral patterns of the consumers. This is when the Online Reputation Management Companies come into the picture.

Let’s see why every Business needs an ORM strategy and how ORM can help you?

In the first half of the last decade, consumers used to look for brands and enterprises. Now the cycle reversed and the rise of social media has made reaching out to potential consumers easier for businesses. They target audiences based on their search history and likes. Following marketing strategies are adopted and practiced to reach out to them:-

  • Making websites of companies optimized with the help of tactics of SEO.
  • PPC strategy is also lucrative for businesses as they come first amongst results when users find certain products or services.
  • Marketing the company’s services or products through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc.
  • The scope of the Internet in terms of marketing and public reach is far broader than radio or television. Advertisements and Campaigns at these platforms can cost a fortune. But, the internet and social media have made it possible for even the smallest business to be heard and recognized with the use of minimum resources available which doesn’t burn a hole in their pockets.

It comes with its consequences too. Brands become susceptible and vulnerable when it comes to bashing by rivals, competitors, angry former employees, and frustrated customers. Sometimes, negative word of the mouth spread by these becomes more visible than the brand they want to take down.

If any enterprise chose not to avail the services offered by Online Reputation Management Companies, then many possibilities may arise which are as follows:-

  • When anyone searches for services you offer, they can see PPC advertisement posted by your competitor created with the help of PPC service providers.
  • Some customers who are by nature a bit cranky or some genuine disgruntled customer (you can’t do everything right in business despite good intentions) have left a lot of negative reviews like quality your brand seems to offer is moonshine.
  • A former employee who has made defaming your company the primary purpose of his existence and has substantially harmed your reputation by smearing false and mala fide acts to your name.

Why do we have Online Reputation Management?

It is a set of procedures and plans that are created to analyze and maintain the reputation of a brand online. Through this, enterprises make sure that their potential customers do not form a negative opinion about them under the influence of any third party.

The prime responsibility of ORM is to make enterprises vigilant enough to defend themselves against attacks that they may face online. This could be done through the following exercises:-

  • Successfully purchasing domain names that are related to websites. For Example, Facebook is an established brand. It initially would have purchased domain names. Suppose it purchased first, in order to protect and manage its brand image, it would go on to purchase domains like,,, etc.
  • Brands must ensure that they are adequately represented on all platforms, as the internet provides the availability of resources. They must make the best out of it.
  • Making a website that comprehensively covers all kinds of services that the company offers is a good way. Blogs are being written keeping SEO in mind. Specific keywords are chalked out based on user-generated data.

But, some Online Reputation Management Companies only work in line with the tactic of removing or effectively countering negative comments online. They create more positive results than the negative ones already present. But, this process is not very effective and reliable. It gives uncertain results.

For this simple reason, modern practices relating to ORM includes the building of a positive word of mouth about the brand online so that any negative comments and reviews do not catch the attention of potential customers. The object of this practice is not to counter negative word of mouth. Rather it is to create a strong online presence.

Odds that lies against the Online Reputation Management Companies

Many things are considered while launching a campaign for developing an influential online presence which is as follows:-

  • The ORM services rendering companies shall surveillance the user-generated content in the form of blog posts on personal websites, guest posts on other websites, sites that review work of different brands offering same services, sites that protect rights of the consumers, the official website of consumer commission for keeping updated about any new notification regarding regulation of businesses, sites that share videos, online platforms and chat rooms for discussions, all kinds of social networking sites like FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Negative and false things spread like a forest fire. It is very difficult to control the spread of that kind of information. It has become next to impossible to contain defaming or distorted reviews from the reach of customers because of the available technological advancements. We may also not take to counter these things as it will fan the fire rather than dousing it.
  • There are so many online forums where customers are free to express their concerns. It is not humanly possible to keep a track of all the activities and mentions of the brand on all platforms such as business news portals, search engines, consultancy services and other sources that are outside the boundaries of what can be managed by the companies.
  • The biggest challenge is to defeat a negative opinion that has been floated and created putting minimal resources through other resources.


Above all, it is a known fact of the online marketing world that the algorithm relating to attaining rankings in search engines changes every fortnight. So, ORM companies have to be updated every day and come up with new ideas to face any sort of unexpected query. So, Enterprises need to be more vigilant than ever if they want to survive.

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