What are the common mistakes that web designers make?

What are the common mistakes that web designers make?

Everybody makes mistakes, and when it comes to web designs, you might end up making bad ones. Website design can be intricate if it is not done in a planned manner. Creative web design increases traffic to your website and boosts conversion which in-turn generates chances of better revenue. You need to make money from your website as well as it should be appealing. One of the common mistakes that an organization does is they want the main focus on designs rather than concentrating on conversions.

Some common web design mistakes

Listed below are a few common mistakes which you can avoid.

Usability mistakes

You should avoid talking too much about yourself. People come to your website to solve their problems. Your visitors might not want to know so much about you. Stick to their problems and find better ways to solve them.

Poor readability

Even if you have perfect images and a brilliant website with great features but content matters a lot. Words written leave an impression and it never dies. You also need to take care of your typography contrast. Contrasting color is very hard on the eye. Another mistake designer makes using light and dark background, with large copy text which is also strenuous to the eye. Even if there is a night mode option, it is better to avoid such a contrasting background.

Tips – A few things you can improve is by using better color and keeping the contrasting thing in mind. You can also break up the content by giving a good mixture of heading, body content, etc. This will make it easy for users.

Unorganized content layout

If the design is not presentable, it will not look or feel right. The content will look messed up as it will be jumbled here and there.

Bad navigation

Common mistakes designers make is by not changing the color of the visited links. These confuse your visitors trying to figure out whether they have visited the page previously or not or where they have been. Your navigation should be very clear to your users, and it could be experimental, unique, and different. If you are doing something different, your navigation should be seamless, consistent, and it should take your users easily anywhere on the site. Avoid making drop-down as such feature creates complexity. You need to have a proper reason for navigation. If you look into every such aspect you can get an outstanding website developed, that not only provides better navigation to your visitors but also improves the branding and conversion.

Design element in the navigation button

Avoid giving flash, roll-over, or animated navigation. This will create uncontrollable navigation and hence, will move your visitors away. Most visitors will abandon your site if they need to spend time to figure out the navigation.

Tips- You should ensure that your navigation is in the context of your content.

Graphic mistake

The poor-size image will give an unprofessional look to your website. Large image increases load time which will irritate your visitors resulting in an increase in the bounce rate.

Tips – You can use images in SVG, PNG, JPEG, and GIF format. Google recommends using CSS media queries to ensure images are fully responsive based on screen dimensions.

Too many animations

Even though animations are understandable to ensure that it is used sparingly or consistently, if you see everything in your site as squeezing and flying content or images, then it is a big problem.

No Responsive designs

This has been reported to be one of the important features of a website. Regardless of your device, responsive designs should be accessible to everyone. People use all kinds of smart-phones, desktops, laptops, iPad. Google supports and recommends such responsive web design by serving them HTML and using just CSS with each URL. Google also supports different sites for both mobile and desktop.

Responsive web design

It is a technique to build web pages. Regardless of any device, there is only one HTML code for all pages. But with the usage of CSS3 media queries the presentation changes. As CSS3 media only apply for the browser displaying the page.

Lag of favicon

Many users want to use multiple browsers or web pages simultaneously. Your visitors might want to leave the tab open and may want to come back later and review. The favicon will give your user the option to find out what they are looking for and return to the tab where they were browsing.

Slow website

If your webpage takes more than four seconds, it is considered to be slow. Your users will bounce back with the slower site.

Font usage

Avoid making too many fonts on your website. Various font types and styles will create confusion. Users will get distracted by the presentation and will be unable to focus on the main message.

Tips – A good rule would be if you stick to two or three fonts.

Improper usage of whitespace

Whitespace is vital; too much and too less of whitespace decreases the focus and clarity. But Google uses whitespace to focus on the user, what is most important. It fits well to meet the visitor’s goal as it wants to answer visitor’s questions, so their whitespace has a purpose.

Hiding your customer’s story

People trust other people’s stories more than your marketing. Testimonials and reviews will build your trust with your products. So you should let customers tell their story by providing a review and testimonial page.

Being opaque

You should put up the prices of your product. By posting the packages, people will get an understanding of how much you charge. It will give people an idea of what level you are at and who you are.

Absence of “About” page

There are many websites that fail to have an “about” page. Some people do want to know the person behind the brand and also want to know; a little bit of tiny personal information can humanize you.


It is easy to build a website, but at the same time, you should keep in mind how to make money out of your platform. You need to create the site based on your customer’s needs. Once you get the understanding of the website design it’s relatively easy to develop an outstanding Website. You can refer to the list of professional web developers to build a better website.

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