Fitness Mobile Apps Enabling Individuals with a Healthy Lifestyle

Fitness Mobile Apps Enabling Individuals with a Healthy Lifestyle

There is a very famous proverb “Health is Wealth.” It is so true. No matter how much money you have, but it cannot cure an untreatable disease.

People maintain their fitness in different ways. The most common preference is to join the Gym. But the working-class cannot spare time for gym workouts. Usually, they take care of their fitness on their own by tracking physical and mental health through fitness mobile apps in a hassle-free manner.

Are you one of them who have tried/are using different fitness mobile apps? I am sure the answer will be yes!

Well, I am definitely one of them. I’m fond of walking so I have used different mobile apps that help me to track how many calories I burnt, how many steps I walked, how many miles/kilometers I walked in how much time, etc. and inspires me to keep following the healthy habits.

Several fitness apps are available on Google Play Store and Apple Store that help people to maintain their health in different ways. In fact, there has been a staggering need for expert mobile app developers, who can craft the most feasible solutions that meet the requirements.

Types of Fitness Apps

Activity Tracking Apps

Activity Tracking App

Activity Tracking Apps track each of the physical activities performed by the users during the day. It collects information about the number of hours slept, steps taken, speed and distance covered running, calories burned, and stairs climbed. Users can view all the data on the app dashboard by user’s progress, building the charts, and saving routes of on the map.

Exercise and Workout Apps

Exercise and Workout Apps

These apps provide a personal fitness trainer to users. Users can connect with the trainers through the app. They can take the trainers anywhere and perform their workouts regularly. Workout and Exercise Apps also allow users to choose the coach on their own and level of physical training.

Nutrition and Diet Apps

Nutrition and Diet Apps

Such apps help users to count the number of calories they consumed during the day. User needs to enter the food items he/she ate in the app, it will count the calories and weight gained by consuming the products. The diet and nutrition apps help the person to maintain weight by losing or gaining some kilos.

Must-have Features of Fitness Mobile Apps

#1. Social Integration

The fitness mobile app should allow users to sign up into the app through the Social media account. It helps users to find friends who are using the same app. Moreover, it enables users to publish the results on Facebook along with pictures of the activities or workout they did.

#2. Device Connectivity

The app has to be compatible with different fitness trackers. Many fitness apps connect the smartphone with wearable products via Bluetooth and provide all data on the fitness tracker. It enables users to track their performance without using the mobile phone.

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#3. User Activity Tracking

With the activity tracking feature, the apps collect walking, sleeping, running, cycling, and swimming-related information for users using smartphone sensors. This data could be a number of steps taken, calories burnt, time taken, and much more. If your app is connected with any fitness tracker, then the information is available on the tracker as well.

#4. Geolocation

A fitness mobile app with Geolocation features allows users to track their current place, create walking/running/cycling routes, and record their workouts.

#5. Notifications

To maintain fitness, consistency in workouts is highly essential. A few missed workouts affect your body shape. Using the notification feature, the app sends reminders to users about the fitness activities they need to perform.

Well, make sure the notification should not be annoying. If the user is very busy and having health issues, the app should allow him/her to adjust the workout time and frequency.

#6. Target Settings

One of the most important features of an activity tracking app is the target setting. It allows users to plan workouts in advance and set achievable goals that encourage them to keep moving ahead and maintain their healthy lifestyle.

#7. Workouts

The fitness apps enable users with two options. Either they can create their workout or they can choose from the available one.

Add-on Features of Fitness Mobile Apps

Without integrating basic features, fitness mobile apps cannot deliver a better experience to users. But, the integration of advanced features brings their experience to a completely different level. Moreover, add-on features help in engaging more users and gaining millions of app downloads.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Considering Virtual Reality for the fitness app, you can enable users with immersive content that helps them to perform their activities and workouts more accurately and effectively.

Well, the development of Virtual Reality feature is not easy. To access the Virtual Reality content users need to use VR headsets and create a completely artificial environment. Thus, before considering the VR feature for your fitness app, you must consult a reliable Android and iPhone app development company that has proven experience in delivering brilliant VR solutions.


To encourage people to perform the workouts regularly, they must stay dedicated to their fitness. Gamification inspires users to achieve their set fitness goals by competing with other users.

Provide rewards and points/scores to the users after the successful completion of different phases of workouts that excite them to explore the next level. The reward should be tangible that motivate users to perform more workouts. Gamification is the best option to make training more entertaining and interesting.

Social Media

One of the most effective features that help businesses spread brand awareness, engage customers, and drive several business opportunities. Add all the popular social media platforms in the fitness app so that users can share their achievements on it, encourage & invite their network to use your application, or set competition using social media services offered by you. Social Media has added new dimensions to business branding and user engagement.

Concluding Notes

Help the fitness conscious people to maintain their health by developing a Fitness app that contains all the above fantastic features. Reach out a large target audience by developing a mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms.

It is suggested that to start such an ambitious project by creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of your Fitness app. This is a very cost-effective approach as it saves your money by allowing to test out your idea without investing vast efforts and resource in developing a full-fledged product.

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